The Things to Talk About

I keep thinking there’s going to be nothing interesting to talk about on these sashing articles, because the sashing process is pretty much the same for all the blocks, but there’s always something.

One item of interest on this set of four sashed blocks is that those short seams near the center of each side of Block B11 (bottom right) didn’t get sewn all the way up. They’re so short that I left them open, but now I am second-guessing myself.

Should I go back and stitch them closed? It sure would have made attaching the sashing simpler if I had, because I could have more easily marked the true center of the block to line up with the center of the sashing strip. As it was, I just eyeballed it, and it seems like it came out okay.

Will rogue batting leak out of those 1/4″ openings? This is going to keep me up at night. Maybe I’d better go back and put in a couple of stitches on each of those.

Another item of interest was Block A10 (top left), where the block size seemed way off when I pulled it out to prepare for this sashing. I re-marked the stitching lines, but then when I was stitching it to the sashing strips (at a “crafternoon” at work), I couldn’t remember which line was the correct one, and I only had a 4″ ruler with me. It lays flat once stitched though, so I must have guessed correctly.

But the big drama was that my computer died a week ago, and I needed to order a new one before I could post this blog article or cut out the pieces for any new blocks. Thank goodness I had printed out pattern pieces the night before, so I had one block ready to work on, but there was some stress around when/if I would be able to print out any others.

Computers these days apparently no longer come with a CD/DVD drive, so I had to purchase an external one that plugs in to the computer with a USB cable, in order to install my 20-year-old Dear Jane software. I was super pleased I even found the installation disc.

The drama didn’t stop there, because the external CD/DVD drive I bought online would not read the Dear Jane disc (or any disc!). It would take another 24 hours and a spur-of-the-moment trip to Best Buy before I was back in business.

Today, I’ve got the new computer set up just enough so I can post this blog entry (Dear Jane software, image editing software, web browser, and software for transferring images from my phone to my computer), but there’s still more configuring to do.

It’s only been in the last half hour that I finally got the printer talking to the new computer. Would it be crazy to print out the rest of the pattern pieces now, just so I have them? Only 56 more blocks to print out!

Or should I just have faith that I will triumph over technology again next time, and print out each pattern piece shortly before I begin work on the block?

Flushed with success from my recent computer configuration efforts, I think I’ll live dangerously and just print the patterns as I need them … and if it doesn’t go well next time, then at least I’ll have something to talk about.


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