The Uninteresting Block

This may be the least interesting block in the world. I’m wanting to publish this blog article tonight, but I’m also realizing that I don’t really have much to say about this thoroughly boring block …

I’ve had the pattern pieces printed out and everything ready to roll on this one since December, but it took me until July to even start the darn thing.

This block is so uninteresting that nobody even chose it in an informal poll. You may recall that I couldn’t decide which block to do back in January, so I polled friends and family to choose which of three blocks I should stitch next.

They chose H8, and it presented some fun assembly puzzles. I cranked out the second choice, Block I9, in March. It wasn’t as challenging to figure out, but was still fun to put together, with all the odd angles. C10 was the last of the three I offered in the poll, and I don’t think a single person voted for this one. Poor last-picked block.

Once I finally got going on it though, I actually kind of liked this unassuming little square. After the previous curved-seam doozy of a triangle block, it was nice to do something that was all rotary cut, and despite the pieces being small, it just wasn’t that complicated.

Of course, this took place in July, so I had to make sure to work on a block with tiny triangles for the month of tiny triangles, and this one definitely fit the bill.

But the tiny triangles on this block were not the only triangles I accomplished this month. I met my UFO Challenge goals for July, completing 1 Dear Jane block, sashing 2 more together (shown here sandwiched between 8 previously-sashed blocks), and quilting 18 triangle motifs on the rainbow quilt:


After this totally uninteresting block, I’ve got to do something more exciting next … like, say, finish sashing together the 5×5 grid of blocks in the center of the Dear Jane quilt. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “The Uninteresting Block

  1. Every quilt has it’s uninteresting areas but I always remind myself of the end result and how it relates to the project. Your hand piecing is awesome and I strive to make mine better with each block. Have a happy day sewing. :)

    1. Thanks, Dawne! Looking back at it, I think the problem is not even that this block is uninteresting … it’s that I couldn’t come up with anything interesting to say in the article. While I’m stitching a block, I usually take pictures of it in progress, and make some notes about how it’s going and what I could say about it on my blog, but this time, I had nothing. I took no pictures of the block in progress, and the only note I took was about how this block came in last place in the poll. Hopefully I’ll have more to say on the next block. :)

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