The Very Edge

Overall, it’s pretty exciting to finally be stitching some of the blocks together, but some of those blocks go together more smoothly than others.

In this particular set of four blocks, two of the blocks featured appliqué melon shapes that went right up to the very edge of the block, which made them a little bit tricky to assemble.

The melon shapes were so close to the block’s edges that I had to make sure the melon side was always on the top of the seam I was stitching. This way, I could keep a close eye on whether or not I was stitching through the melon instead of next to the melon.

The cornerstones of this set of blocks gave me a chance to use some of Paulette’s missing fabrics. You may recall that when this “kit” was donated to me, some of the fabrics were no longer in the box. However, the box did include a bag of 1″ squares held together with safety pins.

I don’t know if Paulette’s original plan was to use these squares for cornerstones, but they are exactly the right size, so I’ve been using them for my own cornerstones. It’s pretty cool to get to use some more of her fabrics in the quilt. The center cornerstone of this set of blocks is made with one of those missing fabrics.

This was also the sashing/assembly session where I started marking the center of each side of every block with a chalk pencil mark in the seam allowance. I don’t know why I didn’t do this before.

Those chalk marks helped me to keep everything lined up when I was trying to ease in blocks that were ever so slightly wider than the allotted size … or where the appliqué went a little too close to the edge.

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