The Patternmaker

This was a “mixed media” block of sorts, at least as far as the pattern pieces were concerned. The top part of the triangle has foundation piecing patterns to print out. The bottom section of the block only has templates.

Since pieces where I use cut-up foundation patterns and Avery labels tend to come out slightly larger than ones made with traditional techniques, I was concerned. Would the two sections of this triangle block made with two different techniques even fit together?

To deal with this problem, I employed some printing trickery to get what I wanted. First, I printed out the foundation pieces, moving all the pattern pieces up to the top of the page before printing the page onto my Avery label paper.

Then I went back and selected to print out the template pattern pieces for the block. I deleted the mini-drawing of the block and all the pieces that were for the top section of the block, leaving only the four pattern pieces that are used to make the bottom section of the block. I rearranged those in the bottom right corner, overlapping the pieces on the stitching (not cutting) lines.

Then I put the same piece of Avery label paper back in the printer and printed out my new “foundation” pieces on the unused portion of that same label page. And voila! I have foundation style labels for all the pieces in this block!


As a bonus, the clear labels made it easier for me to decide on a way to fussy cut the green fabric for that bottom section.

In the end, I didn’t really fussy cut anything other than the white flowers in the center diamond. I’d fussy cut so many flowers out of this piece of fabric that I had big sections that were green/leaves only, so I made use of those plain green fabric “leftovers” for the green pieces of the block.

The construction of this block was not that complicated. But by taking extra time to “make” a new pattern, the top and bottom sections of this triangle block fit together exactly right.

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