The Runway

I’m kicking myself now for using the title “The Perspective” for my last blog article, since it seems like the perfect title for this block with a narrowing stripe of triangles stretching off into the distance.

So, instead I’m calling this one “The Runway”, in hopes that the little runway line of triangles on this block will inspire my quilting progress to take off and soar to new heights.

Tortured analogies aside, I am making good progress this summer. I figured I could start off with the larger triangles at the base of this block in June, and work my way to the smaller triangles as I went into July, the traditional month of tiny triangles.

Once again, I took creative liberties with this block. Apparently, the tiny white triangle at the top is supposed to be a diamond, but I didn’t color it that way and now I’ve decided I like it as a triangle. It has nothing to do with how tricky the top bit of the block would be if it was a diamond.

I started out thinking I would not use up an expensive Avery label sheet for this relatively simple triangle … but then I really struggled with cutting out these pieces for some reason. Things were constantly shifting around as I wielded my rotary cutter. I even considered going back later and attaching labels to the already cut pieces, to ensure accuracy when sewing them together.

A week later, I went back to the Avery label method.

Running away with my runway analogy, I’d originally planned to sew from the wide end to the pointy end of the triangle as July approached, but then I started remembering previous triangles where it ended up being tough to manage the bulk of the triangle while stitching on bits at the very tip of the triangle.

So, I amended the plan, deciding to sew together the individual sections from biggest to smallest, but then sew them to each other from smallest to biggest.

A largish chunk of this block was sewn together while meeting IN PERSON with a couple of hand quilting friends. While it was neat to see them in person again, it was thoroughly nerve-wracking being with people outside my household and worrying about germs.

I’m definitely not ready for a real runway in a plane full of germy strangers; I’ll just stick to my tiny triangle runway and continue my quilt progress from the safety of my own home.

You’ll notice that there’s no mention of my July progress on the UFO challenge here. That’s because I made so much progress on my metaphorical runway that I have a second completed block to talk about for July. Stay tuned!

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